What should the CPSC ban next? Part 5

  • October 11, 2012

Ban Stairs!

The CPSC is alleging that warnings on packages don’t work. We disagree.

But by their logic, all kinds of things should be banned. What should they strike next?

What’s soft and comfy and hazardous all over? Your bed! It’s hard to believe that everyone’s favorite crash-pad is just that –a crash pad. Every year 1.8 million people are rushed to the emergency room from falling out of bed. How can something so cozy and delightful furnish so many deaths and injuries?

Is trying to ban beds unthinkable? Obviously! It’s what the CPSC does best!

FUN: Buckyballs Uses

  • March 30, 2011

Don’t ask why or how, but Buckyballs users are basically scientists, looking for new and smart ways to use the high-power, Rare Earth magnet balls we can Buckyballs. In the years since we started selling them, we’ve seen and heard it all…. Every now and then though, we still hear something new. Some of the ideas that come across our desk are simply too good to keep secret.

And so, without further ado, our Top 34 Things to Do With Your Balls, as suggested by Buckyballs users. Go ahead, try a few. You’ll be glad you did!

1. Use a magnetic ball as wall stud finder

2. Wear as a neodymium bracelet (some people think the magnetism can help your golf swing)

3. Play darts on office cabinets

4. Make art displays on your refrigerator

5. Use a Buckyballs tube as handsome desktop pen or business card holder

6. Use as a distraction from boredom at work (no really, it works!)

7. Neodymium spheres like Buckyballs can double as “chick magnets”

8. Dress up your cufflinks (looks good and saves your from boring meetings)”

9.Walk on a ball of Buckyballs for an instant foot massage

10. Use as a tapemeasure (216 Buckyballs = 3 feet long)

11. Squish your magnet balls for an instant stress-relief

12. Need even more stress relief? Try talking to your balls. Say anything. They never talk back or judge.

13. Rare Earth magnet balls make excellent tinsel on Christmas trees

14. Create a Neodymium ball level for hanging your new flat screen (it’s unclear how this works… but not 1 but 2 people sent us notes saying they’d done it!)

15. String Buckyballs together for a light-switch pull

16. Keep out sunlight with a magnet-ball curtain (you’ll need a lot, but your friends will envy your creation)

17. Form Neodymium coasters for wine and beer glasses

18. Dress like a knight in magnet ball chain-mail

19. Buckyballs can, when shaped correctly, make excellent hats for your garden gnome

20. Use them to fish keys out of the drains and other hard to reach spots

21. Charm bartenders into giving you free drinks in return for letting them play with your balls (just saying it out loud should help make a friend or two)

22. Hide-a-key using a single Neodymium sphere under your door frame

23. Show your parents what you really learned at college

24. Hang your glasses Grandma-style on a magnetic ball chain (works best with iron glasses)

25. Count your Buckyballs as a modern-day abacus

26. Create a pull-apart pinata

27. Post pictures on the fridge

28. Sculpt a paperweight

29. Bookmark your favorite chapter

30. They make great excuses: “Can’t do dinner tonight. I’ve got to wash my Buckyballs.”

31. Confuse insane posses of clowns.

32. Make your own chess set from magnet balls

33. Tie a Buckyball ribbon on a birthday gift

34. Write “Winning” on things that, well, won

… and much, much more. Feel free to post your own below!

UPDATE: “Your Balls In Action” Contest Winners

  • March 21, 2011

Nothing says “Welcome, Spring!” like the gleam of balls in the sunshine.  For our latest contest, Team Bucky wanted to see “Photos of Your Balls in Action!”  The results? Nothing short of amazing.


As always, with so much talent on the field, picking winners is a chore… so we gave it to the new girl: Amy, the latest and greatest edition to Team Buckyballs’ customer service crew.  She was a little intimidated by the enormity of the task, but she rallied.


Here now, we present the winners of the “Photos of Your Balls in Action!” contest.

Winner #1:Mike Betts Wins a Free Set of Buckyballs !

Amy explains her choice: “Mike’s ‘Lephrechaun Hat and Clover’ provides index fingers everywhere what they’ve been missing. Really, fingers just don’t dress up like they used to, and I’m happy to see he’s bringing back the ‘dapper digit’ aesthetic. “  Er, OK.

Winner #2 : James Baeb wins a set of Buckyballs!

Buckyballs contest winnerAmy explains: “Believe it or not, I found my first 4 leaf clover ever this weekend… My good luck became Jame’s good luck as I was drawn to this entry. I guess there’s a theme to the two I picked to win, but it wasn’t intentional.”

And a shout out to our Twitter winners…
We asked you to finish the sentence, “#stpatricksday and Buckyball shenanigans http://bit.ly/fLLB3V go hand in hand like…”


We loved this Tweet from @jamesmoore80, who rocked St. Patty’s Day AND a Mork-from-Ork reference: #stpatricksday and Buckyball shenanigans http://bit.ly/fLLB3V go hand in hand like corned beef and cabbage or Mork and Mindy.

And we couldn’t help but throw @robrt_ml a bone for retweeting, because, well Amy picked him: #stpatricksday and Buckyball shenanigans http://bit.ly/fLLB3V go hand in hand like… Green and Beer.

Congrats to our winners, and THANKS SO MUCH to all who played.  If you’re one of the winners, drop us a line at Support@GetBuckyballs.com with your shipping details and we’ll rush your prize out the door.  Everyone else, keep your eyes peeled, more contest fun is on the way!