What should the CPSC ban next? Part 4

  • October 3, 2012

Ban Stairs!

The CPSC is alleging that warnings on packages don’t work. We disagree.

But by their logic, all kinds of things should be banned. What should they go after next?

Take aim at coconuts! It turns out that this beloved tropical fruit can pack a serious punch. Dropping from branches at a velocity of 50 mph, coconuts rack up a death toll of 150 unsuspecting people every year. Not as sweet as we thought…

Is trying to ban coconuts ludicrous? Of course it is! It’s what the CPSC does best!

Miss Inez’s Psychic Hotline can reveal your tomorrow TODAY!

  • September 14, 2012

Miss Inez's Psychic Hotline!

Is the Chairwoman of the CPSC dabbling in prognostication? Turns out she may give Ms. Cleo a run for her money.

While we at BuckyHQ have been working to stay in business and fight the CPSC’s Administrative Complaint against us, it seems that Chairwoman Inez Tennenbaum could have saved us a lot of effort. Why? You see, based on the recent timeline of our communications with the CPSC, we can reach only one conclusion:

Inez Tenenbaum actually looked into the future when deciding on the fate of our company.

Sounds crazy, right? Not so much.

In 2010, we began working alongside the CPSC to make sure Buckyballs products stayed where they belong: in the hands of responsible adults. Or so we thought. In July, 2012, through a series of events so convoluted they rival a scam on the Psychic Readers Network, we found out that working ‘alongside’ the CPSC was never part of their plan.

Want proof of CPSC’s newfound psychic abilities?

July 10th: We were requested by the Commission to propose a Corrective Action Plan to make our products safer, with a deadline of July 24th.

July 24th, 4pm: We submitted a comprehensive Corrective Action Plan with numerous suggestions concerning the safety of our products and further educating consumers and retailers. Then we waited for feedback…

July 25th, 11am: CPSC filed an Administrative Complaint and ran to the media. In the hours between 4pm and 11am, the staff allegedly “fully” reviewed and rejected our CAP, the Commissioners voted, their lawyers drafted and then filed a lawsuit.

Here’s where it gets just plain spooky…

Through a Freedom of Information request, we’ve discovered this document showing that the vote to sue our company was presented to the Commissioners on July 23rd, a day before our Corrective Action Plan was to be submitted. The vote to put us out of business was due before July 25th, giving the Commissioners or staff little or no time to actually consider our Corrective Action Plan submitted at 4 p.m. on the 24th. The vote was requested before they even received our plan.

So, how to explain this overlap of such a crucial timeline? How could the CPSC say they considered our Corrective Action Plan when they may never have actually read it?

We can only conclude one thing: Miss Inez & the Consumer Product Psychic Safety Commission can see into the future!

Call for your free reading today… operators are standing by.

Operators are standing by!

Our CEO’s challenge to CPSC’s Scott Wolfson: Let’s arm wrestle!

  • September 6, 2012

We haven’t heard back from Scott Wolfson at the CPSC about our debate on high-powered magnets. Look, we understand. Debates on live TV are daunting. Never ones to back down from a challenge, we’re asking Mr. Wolfson to battle our CEO in the ultimate display of might: Arm wrestling!

Mr. Wolfson, will you agree to an arm wrestling contest with our CEO Craig Zucker? If you win, we’ll donate $10,000 to the American Cancer Society (and we’ll stop bothering you). If Craig wins, we’ll still donate the 10k…but we’ll also get our factual debate.

Ask Mr. Wolfson to elbow up and take the challenge!

We’ll donate $10,000 to The American Cancer Society if CPSC’s Scott Wolfson agrees to a live debate

  • August 29, 2012

CPSC Communication Director, Scott Wolfson, refused our invitation to debate on TV about high-powered magnets last week. Now, we’re putting that offer out there again.

But hey, we know he’s a busy guy, so we’ll let him pick the time and the TV station. And this time, if he agrees to a discussion with our CEO Craig Zucker, we’ll donate $10,000 to The American Cancer Society to make it extra worthwhile.

Should Mr. Wolfson join our CEO for an on-air debate AND help raise money for cancer research? Call or email him to let him know your thoughts. (We vote yes…)

Craig Zucker debates CFA rep on CNBC today

  • August 20, 2012

Craig Zucker, CEO and co-founder of Buckyballs, made the press rounds today, including a stop at CNBC to speak with Rachel Weintraub from the Consumer Federation of America.

How’d it go? Not that we’re keeping score, but…

Buckyballs: 1, CFA: 0.

See the solid argument Craig laid out for why Buckyballs deserve to be kept in the hands of responsible adults:

Buckyballs CEO on CBS This Morning

Our CEO Craig Zucker took the CBS This Morning show by storm today, talking about our ongoing battle with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. With an interview with Gayle King under his belt, we’d like to think we’re one degree away from Oprah.

Check out Craig’s interview with the CBS This Morning crew as he describes our fight using social media, the power of the internet and our “Save Our Balls” campaign to stand up to the CPSC :

Buckyballs makes front page news in The New York Times

  • August 17, 2012

The front page of the Business Day section in the New York Times looks pretty Buckin’ good today, if we don’t say so ourselves.

Recounting the ongoing battle to keep Buckyballs in business despite the efforts of Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Times says Buckyballs’ CEO “Mr. Zucker…is fighting for the survival of his business”.

“It’s a good fight. And it’s a fight I think we can win.” says Zucker.

Read more about Buckyballs fighting to stay in business.