COMING SOON: The Big Book of Bucky, Vol. 1

  • April 15, 2011

Buckyball fans, rejoice. The Big Book of Bucky, Vol. 1 is on the way. That’s right; the first Buckyballs book is almost here!



That’s right. An entire book dedicated to all things Buckyballs. Buried in and among its 80+ pages are…


3 chapters of Buckyballs tricks, Buckyballs designs and more Buckyballs tricks.

Seriously? Seriously. Amazing, right?


Pictures from our Fans. Good ones!

Not bad, right? We like ‘em too.


Fun, games, and other silliness.


It’s hard not to smile.


Mega builds.


That’s heavy.


And more.


We’ll let you know when the Buckyballs book is ready to ship. In the meantime,  CLICK HERE to download a free sample (and promo code too) or join The Buckyballs Facebook page and you might even win a copy of this, out first book about Buckyballs, in an upcoming contest.

How fun is that?




UPDATE: Bring Bucky to Life Winners!

  • April 11, 2011

Our latest contest found us channeling Dr. Frankenstein: what better way to earn a set of Buckyballs than to bring Bucky to life?


We’ve always thought Bucky had a great social life…but thanks to these awesome entries, we also found out he’s an adrenalin junky, a star athlete, likes long walks on a quiet beach (wonder what else his dating profile says?) and who knows what else behind closed doors.

We asked Reid, our newest addition to Team Buckyballs, to pick our winners. After much deliberation, he found he was overly-inspired, and selected 4 winners (originally 2!) and 2 runners up. Check ‘em out!

Winner: Stranded by Brian Sippel

Reid said: “Calling in an SOS? To be honest, Stranded Bucky doesn’t look like he has it too bad on this deserted island with a beautiful palm tree as refuge from the blazing hot sun.”

Winner: A Bucky Leprechaun Sits Down for a Picture by Joshua Herndon

Reid said: “This Bucky Leprechaun (by far the most appropriate usage of our Limited Edition Green Buckyballs) really leaves me wishing we could do March 17th all over again! Joshua, I guess you have the Luck of the Irish on your side because you are one of our winners!”

Winner: Biker Bucky by Elizabeth Piearcy

Reid said: “Biker Bucky better be careful the Bucky Police don’t stop him from cruising the streets without a helmet, especially given its crouched position~looks like this is one Bucky in need of speed!”

Winner: Bucky Baseball by Roberta Poling

Reid said: “With baseball season now under way, Baseball Bucky looks ready to take the field and make an immediate impact. Judging from its wide frame, my guess is this Bucky batter cleans up.”

And thanks to our Honorable Mentions…

Bucky Ninja Stealth Attack by Matthew Phillip Hansen


Reid said: “This is one Bucky I would not want to mess with. Really great design and use of Buckyballs here!”

Bucky Gone Wild by Zach Pitts


Reid said: “This gets honorable mention instead of a win only because we can’t see what happens under the pixilation… we think we know, but we can’t be sure !”


Amazing entries! Thanks to all of you for participating. Watching Bucky come to life was fun. Which is how it should be. Because let’s face it. Buckyballs are all about fun.

If your creation made it onto this page, you just won yourself a free set! Email your name and shipping info to:, and we’ll get your prizes out to you! As always, keep an eye out for your next chance to win. There’s more on the way. How fun is that?



LEARN: The Sphere

  • March 13, 2011


Looking for Buckyballs tricks, shapes, patterns, and how-tos? You came to the right place.


Every few days we’ll be posting new tricks, games, shapes, how-to’s and more fun stuff you can do with your Buckyballs.


This, our second installment of the series, is less of a trick really and more of joy. It takes 180 balls, two minutes, just a bit of know-how, and gumption. Why? Unclear. But a little gumption never hurt anything. Here’s how it’s done:


Step 1 Starting with a chain, break off 9 balls.
Step 2 Connect the ends to make a ring.
Step 3 This is the tricky bit; it’s just a pinch and a poke and your ring becomes a triangle. Confused? Try adding gumption… and watching the video above. Seeing it done makes everything that much easier.
Step 4 Make 19 more triangles and snap them together to form a sphere.



Stay tuned… more Buckyballs instructions and tricks you can do are on the way!

UPDATE: “Your Name in Buckyballs” Contest Winners

  • March 8, 2011

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, just about everyone wants to see their name in lights…
For our latest contest, Team Bucky wanted to see yours in balls!


Many met the challenge.  Most blew our minds with creativity.  But only a few could win (we said 2 at the start, but upped it to 3 at the last minute).  Christine, our graphics genius, was forced to choose the winners.  It was a grueling task, but without further adu, we present the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHY of the lucky few who made the cut:


Winner #1: Mark Stoner gets a free set of Buckyballs!

 Buckyballs Design by Facebook Fans


Christine explains: “Mark’s Bucky-lettering makes my inner typography geek cry tears of jealousy. Combining that with a vintage photo? Perfection.”


Winner #2 : Alexandre Hamada Possi wins a free set of Buckyballs!

Buckyballs Tricks Video

Christine explains: “Alex had a couple of completely awesome entries but, since it wouldn’t be nice to give him ‘all of the prizes ever’ (my initial reaction), I had to pick just one.  The use of shadow was a smart and creative way to spell your name–definitely something I wouldn’t have thought of!”


Winner # 3: Katie Rogers wins a free set of Buckyballs!

Fun Shapes Made by Buckyballs Contest Winner

Christine explains: “Katie took the challenge to a whole new level: not just spelling out her name in Buckyballs but spelling out her name in people made out of Buckyballs.  It’s like her own personal cheer-leading squad and what they’re saying is, ‘Katie rocked the house on this one.’”


Also worth mentioning….


Runner Up: Filip Strebeyko gets a gift from us soon!

Name with Buckyballs Cubes

Christine’s logic: “Filip has an awesome set of Bucky-construction skills.  I nearly went insane trying to make a one layer ‘C’ once, so this had me impressed!”


Runner Up: Kevin Stolle gets a gift from us soon!

Buckyballs Fun Shape


Christine’s logic: “It’s an octopus! Smiling! And also spelling things!”


Runner Up: Kayla Rippe gets a gift from us soon!

Spell you name with Buckyballs

Christine’s logic: “Kayla spelled her name in Braille – an original idea and I learned something new!”



Let’s also not forget our Twitter winners…
We asked you to finish the sentence, “#Iwant @GetBuckyballs so I can…”  The winners were picked at random, but came up with some pretty fun stuff too:
@Vinuash Tweeted: #Iwant @GetBuckyballs so I can finally relive my dream of magnetic madness, with the side effect of relaxation!
@pandadude1464 came up with: #Iwant @GetBuckyballs so I can… seize the day with a blast of brrilliant Bucky enthusiasm! WOOWOOOOO!!


Congrats to everyone who won, and mega-thanks to all who played.  If you’re one of the winners, drop us a line at with your shipping details and we’ll rush your prize out the door.  Runners up should do the same as well, we’ve got a smaller prize in store for them, though it might take us a few weeks to get it together.  Everyone else, keep your eyes peeled, more fun is on the way!


UPDATE: Facebook Photo Fun Contest Winners

  • February 23, 2011

Another contest… another hard time picking winners (wasn’t it easier when we did it at random?).

Luckily, we tasked Simran, the latest addition to Team Bucky, with making the final call and gave her absolutely no direction as to what she should be looking for in her judging. On a side note: We’re shocked no one tried spelling her name in balls. She’s very swayable…

That said, without further ado, meet the 2 winners selected by Simran.

WINNER #1: Alicia Paterson gets a free set of Buckyballs!

Buckyballs Shapes


Simran explains her logic: “I picked this one ’cause I love fishes and I really like the bubbles. Bubbles are fun!”

WINNER #2: Karen Grossman gets a free set of Buckyballs!

Buckyballs Uses

Simran explains her logic: “I can make this shape… but I can’t make them stand. I know there was more elaborate stuff posted yesterday, but I wasted half of my morning trying to recreate this standing star. So far, no luck.”

In addition to the two listed above, two people who retweeted our message on Twitter yesterday were selected at random  and also got free sets (@DRaeSlices and @DjMedle). If you’re one of the winners, drop us a line at and we’ll rush your prize out the door. Whether or not you won though, you’ve got to admit, it’s good times playing the game.

Stay tuned, more fun is on the way!

LEARN: The Cube

  • January 19, 2011

Looking for Buckyballs tricks? You came to the right place.

Every few days we’ll be posting new tricks, games, shapes, how-to’s and more fun stuff you can do with your Buckyballs.

This, our first installment of the series, is less of a trick really and more of a must-know for any true Bucky-lover. Making the cube is just that important. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1 – Pull all 216 of your Buckyballs into a straight line.
Step 2 – Count 36 ball in and fold so that each ball lines up perfectly with it’s neighbor.
Step 3 – Now turn the chain the other way and zip it down again. Do it 3 more times, and the shape you’re left with is a sheet of Buckyballs 6 x 36.
Step 4 – Count six balls in and fold the sheet, lining up the balls just like you did when it was a chain you were folding.
Step 5 – Now fold the other way. Three more folds and you’ll have made the cube. There’s not a trick to it really, but be careful; one wrong move and you could be starting over. Buckyballs are like that.

Even in writing it can sound difficult, but watch the video above and everything should snap perfectly into place.

Stay tuned… more tricks you can do with your Buckyballs are on the way!