UPDATE: Facebook Photo Fun Contest Winners

  • February 23, 2011

Another contest… another hard time picking winners (wasn’t it easier when we did it at random?).

Luckily, we tasked Simran, the latest addition to Team Bucky, with making the final call and gave her absolutely no direction as to what she should be looking for in her judging. On a side note: We’re shocked no one tried spelling her name in balls. She’s very swayable…

That said, without further ado, meet the 2 winners selected by Simran.

WINNER #1: Alicia Paterson gets a free set of Buckyballs!

Buckyballs Shapes


Simran explains her logic: “I picked this one ’cause I love fishes and I really like the bubbles. Bubbles are fun!”

WINNER #2: Karen Grossman gets a free set of Buckyballs!

Buckyballs Uses

Simran explains her logic: “I can make this shape… but I can’t make them stand. I know there was more elaborate stuff posted yesterday, but I wasted half of my morning trying to recreate this standing star. So far, no luck.”

In addition to the two listed above, two people who retweeted our message on Twitter yesterday were selected at random  and also got free sets (@DRaeSlices and @DjMedle). If you’re one of the winners, drop us a line at Support@GetBuckyballs.com and we’ll rush your prize out the door. Whether or not you won though, you’ve got to admit, it’s good times playing the game.

Stay tuned, more fun is on the way!