CONTEST: Bald Bucky Needs You

  • May 13, 2011

Bald Buckyballs Needs You

It’s time for another Facebook contest. This time we’re switching it up some; you’re going to need to help Bald Bucky to win!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Click the picture below to download a full sized copy.

Step 2 – Print out the picture and, using your Buckyballs, dress it up any way you want (hair, eyebrows, glasses, go nuts, it’s fun).  Having trouble getting your balls to stick just where you want ‘em? Here’s a hint: Try putting the picture on top of something metal and magnetic, a filing cabinet or refrigerator door works best.  Not bad, right?


Step 3 - Take a picture of your creation and post it to the wall of our Facebook page ( by 11:59 EST Sunday May 15th and you’ll automatically be entered to WIN A FREE SET of Buckyballs!


Step 4 – When has there ever been a step 4?  Just come back to our blog or Facebook page page Monday to see if you’ve won.  How fun is that?


NOTE: Though we’re announcing all of the winners Monday, we’re picking one winner for each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). For your best chances to win, you’re going to want to enter each day. Just be sure to not post the same picture more than once in total.

Now for the fine print:

- Pictures must can not have previously been posted to our Facebook page to qualify.
- Each picture is considered a new entry.  Please though, no repeated pictures.
– Three people will win free sets!
– Winner selection will be anything but random.  Someone from Team Buckyballs will pick who wins using any criteria they deem fit… in this case, we’re looking for creativity, humor, and fun.  Ready?  Set?  Go!

WATCH: Buckyballs Book Video

  • May 10, 2011

The Buckyballs book is almost here. In the meantime, enjoy the The Buckyballs Book video. For more info, check out the official Buckyballs Book page.

COMING SOON: The Big Book of Bucky, Vol. 1

  • April 15, 2011

Buckyball fans, rejoice. The Big Book of Bucky, Vol. 1 is on the way. That’s right; the first Buckyballs book is almost here!



That’s right. An entire book dedicated to all things Buckyballs. Buried in and among its 80+ pages are…


3 chapters of Buckyballs tricks, Buckyballs designs and more Buckyballs tricks.

Seriously? Seriously. Amazing, right?


Pictures from our Fans. Good ones!

Not bad, right? We like ‘em too.


Fun, games, and other silliness.


It’s hard not to smile.


Mega builds.


That’s heavy.


And more.


We’ll let you know when the Buckyballs book is ready to ship. In the meantime,  CLICK HERE to download a free sample (and promo code too) or join The Buckyballs Facebook page and you might even win a copy of this, out first book about Buckyballs, in an upcoming contest.

How fun is that?