UPDATE: “Clone-A-Thon” Contest Winners

  • March 28, 2011

For our latest challenge, we asked for side-by-side pics of something — anything! — that you thought was Buck-able (IE, able to be cloned with your Buckyballs).  The results were short of amazing. Dolly the Sheep would be impressed. In fact, when it was all said and done, we decided to pick 3 winners; that’s 50% more than the 2 we’d promised. Fasten your seatbelts… this is a fun one.

Winner #1: Alex Matthews Wins a Free Set of Buckyballs!


Alex’s “Yoshi” captures the wit n’ whimsy of that lovable dinosaur in green and silver 3D. BOOM. Winner.



Winner #2: Kevin Stolle Wins a Free Set of Buckyballs !

Come on, that is totally an iPod. It probably even plays Foreigner’s ‘Double Vision’.


Winner #3: Mitch Lustig Wins a Free Set of Buckyballs !

Winning smile. Confident stature. Green background. He nailed it!



Here’s the thing though, these 3 took the cake, but there are loads more deserving of mention. In fact, all of the entries were mind-bogglingly good. If you haven’t checked ‘em out yet, skip over to Facebook, click the pictures tab, and have a look for yourself.


And a shout out to our Twitter winners…
We asked you to finish the sentence, “Buckyballs http://bit.ly/ibPvyr is a #gamechanger because…”


@princessbab79 won a free set with:
@GetBuckyballs Buckyballs http://bit.ly/ibPvyr is a #gamechanger because they are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

@neongranola won a free set with:
Buckyballs http://bit.ly/ibPvyr is a #gamechanger because magnetism is where it’s at!


Congrats to all of the players (not just the winners). If you’re one of the lucky few though, drop us a line at Support@GetBuckyballs.com with your shipping details and we’ll rush your prize out the door.


Everyone else, get ready, for our NEXT challenge you won’t even NEED Buckyballs! How fun is that?