We’ve made it even easier to help Save Our Balls!

  • September 5, 2012

Maybe you haven’t heard all the facts about our battle to Save Our Balls. Maybe your voice hasn’t been heard yet. Feeling like you want to help, but don’t know how?

We’ve made it easier than ever to join the fight against the CPSC to keep Buckyballs products on the market.

Check out the latest page on our site and join the conversation:


Update: ‘Intended Use’ WINNERS!

  • September 4, 2012

The CPSC said recently that Buckyballs and Buckycubes “do not operate as intended”. That was news to us! So we put up the challenge to our fans: wow us with a shape using any (or all!) of our products for a chance to WIN a set of 125 PINK Buckyballs.



And WOW us, you DID!



Bucky HQ was abuzz with reaction to these cool Buckin’ creations. Because we were so impressed, we’re not only awarding them with a prize, but we’re naming them our Favorite Builds of the Month for August. How fun is that?





Congratulations to the 5 winners on each winning a set of Buckyballs 125s in PINK!
Thanks to all of you who participated. These were some amazing entries! Keep those posts coming…your fellow fans (and all of us at Bucky HQ) love ‘em~especially the pics of your creations!



If your name made it onto this page, CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve WON!



Email the word “WINNER” in the subject line, with your Facebook name, and your real name in the body of the email to: Support@GetBuckyballs.com, and we’ll get a special promo code to you by the END OF THIS WEEK that will allow you to order your prize, free of charge! As always, keep an eye out for your next chance to win. There’s always another contest down the road. How much Buckin’ fun is that?

We’ll donate $10,000 to The American Cancer Society if CPSC’s Scott Wolfson agrees to a live debate

  • August 29, 2012

CPSC Communication Director, Scott Wolfson, refused our invitation to debate on TV about high-powered magnets last week. Now, we’re putting that offer out there again.

But hey, we know he’s a busy guy, so we’ll let him pick the time and the TV station. And this time, if he agrees to a discussion with our CEO Craig Zucker, we’ll donate $10,000 to The American Cancer Society to make it extra worthwhile.

Should Mr. Wolfson join our CEO for an on-air debate AND help raise money for cancer research? Call or email him to let him know your thoughts. (We vote yes…)

CONTEST: Show the CPSC your best “intended use” shape for a chance to WIN a set!

  • August 28, 2012

It’s contest time again!

The CPSC says Buckyballs and Buckycubes “do not operate as intended”. Huh. That’s news to us!

WOW us with your ‘best intended use’ of our products…ya know, build something (anything!) out of Buckyballs, Buckycubes, Bucky Bars or Bucky BIGS to show the CPSC just how they should be handled. The top 5 creations to get all of us at Bucky HQ talking will win a set of pink Buckyballs.


1) Post your most amazing shape from any of our products Facebook page by midnight EST on Monday, September 3rd.

2) Only ONE entry per person please.

3) Check back with our blog or Facebook page late Tuesday, September 4th , for the list of 5 lucky winners!*

4) No hating on your other contestants! If it’s not FUN, it’s no good.

5) Winners* will email support@getbuckyballs.com with their first and last name, along with their Facebook name, and the word “WINNER” in the subject line. We’ll send you a one-time only promo code to use on our site toward your FREE set of 125 Buckyballs in PINK. You’ll also qualify for free shipping, too.

A free set of Buckyballs for showing the CPSC how it’s done. How fun is that?

*ALL contestants MUST BE 18 YRS AND OLDER, please.

The REAL story behind our battle with the CPSC

  • August 27, 2012

You’ve heard about our ongoing battle with the CPSC. You’ve supported us and our “Save Our Balls” campaign by tweeting, writing on Facebook, and reaching out to the CPSC directly…and we thank you!

To our supporters and critics alike; you may not know the whole story.

We’d like to share the history and vigor of our safety program, along with an outline of how we have interacted with the Consumer Product Safety Commission over the three years we have been in business.

Our CEO has written this ‘sit-down-and-get-comfortable-because-this-is-going-to-take-a-while’ letter in hopes that you’ll have a better understanding of who we are, and why we’re continuing to fight the good Buckin’ fight.

If there’s one thing you read about us, please let this be it. .

At-home-dad says Buckyballs are “much safer than balloons”

  • August 22, 2012

An at-home-dad and PTA member on Examiner.com said recently that Buckyballs are “…much safer than balloons”.

In his argument in favor of keeping Buckyballs on the market, he asks, ‘”How harmful are these simple magnets? I suggest that they’re not as dangerous as something parents are constantly putting into the hands of their young children – balloons.”‘

Read the argument from a parental point of view in this Examiner.com article: exm.nr/ND0Knl

Chicago Political Commentary says CPSC is “Busting Buckyballs”

In a recent online post, Chicaco Political Commentary said we “have exhibited a willingness to go above and beyond the prevailing compliance standards” and that the CPSC is “busting Buckyballs”.

The site is quoted as saying, “What makes the CPSC actions so egregious, though, is that they are going after a company that by all accounts has been a responsible partner doing everything in their power to ensure their product is sold strictly to its intended market as well as educating its consumers.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Craig Zucker debates CFA rep on CNBC today

  • August 20, 2012

Craig Zucker, CEO and co-founder of Buckyballs, made the press rounds today, including a stop at CNBC to speak with Rachel Weintraub from the Consumer Federation of America.

How’d it go? Not that we’re keeping score, but…

Buckyballs: 1, CFA: 0.

See the solid argument Craig laid out for why Buckyballs deserve to be kept in the hands of responsible adults:

Buckyballs CEO on CBS This Morning

Our CEO Craig Zucker took the CBS This Morning show by storm today, talking about our ongoing battle with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. With an interview with Gayle King under his belt, we’d like to think we’re one degree away from Oprah.

Check out Craig’s interview with the CBS This Morning crew as he describes our fight using social media, the power of the internet and our “Save Our Balls” campaign to stand up to the CPSC :

Buckyballs makes front page news in The New York Times

  • August 17, 2012

The front page of the Business Day section in the New York Times looks pretty Buckin’ good today, if we don’t say so ourselves.

Recounting the ongoing battle to keep Buckyballs in business despite the efforts of Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Times says Buckyballs’ CEO “Mr. Zucker…is fighting for the survival of his business”.

“It’s a good fight. And it’s a fight I think we can win.” says Zucker.

Read more about Buckyballs fighting to stay in business.