• December 4, 2010

What do People Magazine, RollingStone, WIRED, MAXIM, Esquire and Real Simple all have in common? If you answered, “They’re all read by millions, but slowly being eaten alive by the web,” you’re only half-right…

Truth is – BOOM – they all love Buckyballs! And they’re not the only ones.

Trendhunter called Buckyballs the new Snuggie (whatever that is).

AdWeek said, “They do everything!” Gizmodo called them, “Awesome.”

CollegeHumor says, “Bring a set to class and you’ll never have to learn again.” And those are just the quotes we remember off the top of our head.

But whether you’re about to get your fist set, or have been mashing these powerful, Rare Earth magnets for months, there’s something for everyone here on the official Buckyballs blog:

–Learn how to make fun stuff, do tricks, and games!
–Find out about contests where you can win free sets and other goodies!*
–Keep up-to date on all the latest Bucky-news!
–Sign-up to our mailing list for discounts and alerts!

–And more!

*Contests and giveaways typically happen every other week, but sometimes as often as every day. Keep your eyes pealed.

Have a question or comment about your balls you’re not comfortable talking about in such an open forum? Give our customer service team a ring at Support@GetBuckyballs.com. It’s what they’re there for!