Become a Bucky Hero!

  • August 16, 2012

You’ve heard about our little disagreement with the CPSC.

You’ve shown your support by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, and by emailing and calling the Consumer Product Safety Commission directly.
Because of all you’ve done, you’re helping keep us in business…and we thank you!

But the fight with the CPSC is just beginning, and we need your support.

Help “Save Our Balls”, and look good doing it! For every 3 sets you buy, you’ll get a ‘Save Our Balls’ Support Kit. It’s our way of saying THANKS for being a Bucky Hero!

For every 3 sets you buy, you’ll get a “Save Our Balls” Support Kit.

How fun is that?

Friday, 8.17.12 @ 5:57 am
I love magnets i always have ever since i was little and I've never had any problems if i had the funds i would buy more than a million of these and i don't think its fair to put this FANTASTIC business out to dry because of only a few accidents. Obviously accidents happen and try to be avoided but these are high quality magnets that are EXTREMELY HARD TO COME BY and QUITE CLEARLY SAY ON THE BOX NOT A TOY,COULD CAUSE HARM TO CHILDREN and if the adult of the house buys these for their desk or table at home and you have a small child obviously make sure the child understands that its not a toy and can hurt them, then put the magnets away in a locked area or out of reach of the child. Long story short RESPONSIBLE ADULTS AND INFORMED CHILDREN MAKE THIS PRODUCT HARMLESS SO KEEP THE BUCKYBALLS BUSINESS UP AND ALIVE
Jennifer Weber
Monday, 8.20.12 @ 12:09 pm
Hang in there guys. Your product is for adults and adults should support you.
Eldon Martin
Monday, 8.20.12 @ 1:17 pm
We have 2 many organization butting there nose in on every issue without just cause, this product has many safety warnings and I feel it is up too the Adults and parents to regulate products they purchase and keep big brother a bay and take more responsibility. CPSC leave my BALLS alone.
Kerry Faulkner
Monday, 8.20.12 @ 2:24 pm
SUPERVISION AND CONTROL OF PRODUCTS IN THE HOME!!! Too many times blame is very miss placed. Many products have the potential to cause health issues. Proper supervision is the key to decrease incidents, with products that that don't belong in the hands of small children. Be an active participant in the play of your children.

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