‘If I Could Make ____________Bigger…’ WINNERS!

  • July 17, 2012

Sometimes, to make things better, you have to make ‘em BIGGER.

Bucky Bigs had a HUGE launch, and we wanted to know: what you YOU make BIGGER if you could?

Some people wanted to make the world a better place with big hearts and open minds. Others wanted it make it tastier with bigger food (french toast, nachos, and marshmallows, among others).

Thanks to the hundreds of Bucky fans out there that entered, this contest was more fun, more creative…mo’ BIGgity!

After what seemed like days of scrolling through all these awesome responses, we’ve narrowed it down. Here are the 25 WINNERS of a set of BUCKY BIGS!


1. Jacob Myers

2. David Joyner

3. Leslie Valentine

4. Nina Helmer

5. Scott Jacobs

6. Kat Gemson

7. Brian Allen

8. Slynge Perle Lommel Lynge

9. Brian C. Brandes

10. Elisa Storm

11. Justin Pitta

12. Brian Houston

13. Kadee N. Brown

14. Maria Pilat

15. David Bartmess

16. Gibbler TR

17. Roberta Merwin

18. Scott Hollander

19. Mary Flautt Anderson

20. Emily Cho

21. Emily Palmer

22. Jenny Ch’ng

23. Chase Adler

24. Lori Heustes

25. Jilles Groenendijk

Congratulations to the 25 winners on each winning a set of Bucky BIGS!

Thanks to all of you who participated. Keep those posts coming…your fellow fans (and all of us at Bucky HQ) love ‘em~especially the pics of your creations!

If your name made it onto this page, CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve WON!

Email the word “WINNER” in the subject line, with your Facebook name, and your real name in the body of the email to: Support@GetBuckyballs.com, and we’ll get a special promo code to you by EARLY NEXT WEEK that will allow you to order your prize, free of charge! As always, keep an eye out for your next chance to win. There’s always another contest down the road. How much BIG fun is that?

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