CONTEST: ‘If I could make _________________ BIGGER, the world would be even BETTER!’

  • July 10, 2012

Sometimes, you just have to super-duper size it.

Or, in the case of Buckyballs, you just can’t help but take the world’s best selling desktoy and make ‘em…BIG.

We’re not talking slightly larger. We’re talking an all-out handful of clacking, stacking adult desktoy fun. Meet the larger-than-life Bucky BIGS. All the magnetic power you crave, now in a seriously BIG size!

Which got us to thinking…

If you could make something (anything, really!) BIGGER, what would it be?

Your pet iguana? Sure, it would be Godzilla-esque, but we understand the inclination. Your big toe? Difficult to find a shoe that fits, but quite a conversation starter. Simply put: if you can BIG it, we can dig it. Whatever ‘it’ is!

1) Post what you’d make BIGGER Facebook page by midnight EST on Sunday, July 15th ..

2) Only ONE entry per person please.

3) Check back with our blog or Facebook page late Monday, July 16th , for the list of 25 lucky winners!*

4) No hating on your other contestants! If it’s not FUN, it’s no good.

5) Winners* will email with their first and last name, along with their Facebook name, and the word “WINNER” in the subject line. We’ll send you a one-time only promo code to use on our site toward your FREE set of Bucky Bigs. You’ll also qualify for free shipping, too.

A free set of Bucky BIGS. How much clacking, stacking fun is that?

*ALL contestants MUST BE 18 YRS AND OLDER, please.

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