My Dad’s a Baller WINNERS!

  • June 18, 2012

Dad, thanks for being a baller.

In honor of Father’s Day, we asked what makes your dad awesome. More specifically, what makes your dad a BALLER?

The answers were nothing short of inspirational. Some were touching, some were pretty rad. And let’s face it: an accidental Ferrari owner and a dad who has pet Longhorns? These are some seriously awesome role models.


Lindsay Davis wins a set of Buckyballs! “My dads a baller because my 4 year old nephew pointed to a picture of Tony Hawk and asked “Is that Poppy?”

Ry Alexander wins a set of Buckyballs! “My dad is a baller because he accidentally bought a Ferrari.” (Anyone who becomes an ‘accidental Ferrari’ owner is a baller, indeed.)

Jeffrey Brown wins a set of Buckyballs! “My dad is a baller because he engineers b-ball creations like a pro Bucky baller even though mine still are taller.”

Brian Scott wins a set of Buckyballs! “My dad’s a baller because he’s always supported me in whatever I choose to do. He also plays golf every weekend and drives a golf cart with custom wheels. Last but not least, he has pet Longhorns.” (What now? Pet Longhorns did you say? Ummmm. Amazing.)

Michelle Rivera wins a set of Buckyballs! “My dad is a BALLER because he’s attractive even when he’s negative! (Magnet pun)” (We tried to stay away from pun-users winning a set. But sadly, we’re just drawn to them…)

Congratulations to the 5 winners on winning a set of 216 original Buckyballs!

Thanks to all of you who participated. Keep those posts coming…your fellow fans (and all of us at Bucky HQ) love ‘em!

If your creation made it onto this page, CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve WON! Email the word “WINNER” in the subject line, with your Facebook name, and your real name in the body of the email to:, and we’ll get a special promo code to you that will allow you to order your prize, free of charge! As always, keep an eye out for your next chance to win. There’s more on the way. How fun is that?

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