CONTEST: Give Bucky a Theme Song!

  • April 10, 2012

Throughout history, greatness has been heralded by an official announcement. An intro of awesomeness (of sorts).

Which got us to thinking: every great character needs a theme song. Where would Flash Gordon be without Freddy Mercury? What if Homer Simpson never wrote ‘Spider-Pig’?

Bucky is great. Ergo, Bucky needs a theme song. (See where we’re going with this?)

We’re enlisting the help of our insanely creative Facebook fans to give Bucky the credit he deserves. We want you to come up with a theme song for Bucky.

The intro to Bucky’s greatness is in your hands, and we want that tune to be stuck in our heads.

(Need a little help finding your groove? Check out the image above for some buckin’ great inspiration.)

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Give us an existing song that fits Bucky’s character, and “Buck it up” a bit: swap out a few key words with the word “Bucky” or “Buckyballs”. It can be a mainstream hit, or something more obscure…but we need the Bucky-fied title of the song, and who sings it. Even better? Post a few lines of Bucked-up lyrics. (Bonus points if we end up humming it at Bucky HQ!)

The top 3 Bucky-fied theme song submitters will win a set of 216 Chromatics in the color of their choice.

Now for the fine print:

1) Post your “Bucky Theme Song” (a published song with a ‘Bucked-up” song title) to our Facebook page by midnight EST on Thursday, April 12th.

2) Only ONE entry per person please.

3) Check back with our blog or Facebook page late Friday, April 13th, for the list of 3 lucky winners!*

4) No hating on your other contestants! If it’s not FUN, it’s no good.

5) Winners* will email with their first and last name, along with their Facebook name, and the word “WINNER” in the subject line. We’ll send you a one-time only promo code to use on our site toward your FREE set of 216 Buckyballs in the color of your choice. You’ll also qualify for free shipping, too.

A set for a song. How fun is that?

*ALL contestants MUST BE 18 YRS AND OLDER, please.

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