CONTEST: Our Biggest BALL Contest YET!

  • November 25, 2011


It’s something you learn as a kid. Each letter represents a color of the rainbow. But we say: ROY G. BIV is over. We never really liked indigo anyway.

Now it’s all about ROB G. BGPP, which has such a better ring to it. At Buckyballs, we’re bringing some COLOR to Black Friday this year.

We’re giving away 7 SETS of beautifully colored Buckyballs this time around! Yep. True story. SEVEN, to celebrate (er…commemorate?!) the visual feast that is ROB G. BGPP. 7 winners will get a set of Buckyballs, in the color of their choice. Sweet!

So, what do YOU think ROB G. BGPP stands for? Give us your best shot. Your most silly. Your ulitmate exercise in creativity. There is no wrong…only (b)right. We’ve given you an example here, but c’mon…we know you can do way better.









1) Post your “ROB G. BGPP” to our Facebook page by midnight EST on Monday, November 28th. You can post to either the Buckyballs OR Buckycubes page. We’ll read ‘em all!

2) Only ONE entry per person please. No posting to both pages!

3) Check back with our blog or Facebook page late Tuesday afternoon, November 29th, for the list of 7 lucky winners!*

Now for the fine print:

4) 7 WINNERS* will be chosen based on what we find funny, or creative, or completely random. Kind of vague criteria… but we’re big on “vague” here at Bucky HQ. No pressure. No direction. Just fun!

5) No hating on your other contestents! If it’s not FUN, it’s no good.

6) Winners* will email with their first and last name, along with shipping address, and the word “WINNER” in the subject line. Please let us know what color set you want.

*ALL contestents MUST BE 18 YRS AND OLDER, please.

Our biggest ball contest YET while bringing COLOR to Black Friday? How fun is that?

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