UPDATE: Use a set, win a PURPLE set WINNERS!

  • October 24, 2011

This week, we asked that you go back to your roots and use a SINGLE set of Buckyballs to WIN a set of Purple Buckyballs!

We had so many great entries, we struggled to narrow it down to just 3 winners! It just goes to show you that when you put your minds to it, creativity abounds…no matter how many balls you handle.

Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners of this week’s contest on winning a set of PURPLE Limited Edition Buckyballs! (Our apologies for not re-posting the winning pics today. Due to technical difficulties, we are currently unable to do so. Sorry ’bout that. We’re hoping to re-post them ASAP!)

Meet your WINNERS!

Cheryl Willette wins a set of Purple Buckyballs! Cheryl’s ‘crowning’ achievement is this beautiful Bucky tiara!

Elizabeth McCormick wins a set of Purple Buckyballs! Her nail may be slow…but he’s way cool.

Nicole Tilbrook wins a set of Purple Buckyballs! Nicole’s Bucky Tour Eiffel had us saying a collective mon dieu!

Thanks to all of you for sharing such great entries.

If your creation made it onto this page, CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve WON! Email your name and shipping info to: Support@GetBuckyballs.com, and we’ll get your PURPLE Buckyballs out to you! As always, keep an eye out for your next chance to win. There’s more on the way. How fun is that?



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