• September 12, 2011

Our biggest contest ever (Over 1,000 entries!). Our MOST WINNERS EVER.

Buckycubes arrived. They stacked, folded and glided their way onto your screens, and let’s face it…into your minds. You asked for ‘em, and we’re giving ‘em to you.

That’s right. 100 sets of Buckycubes are for the taking.

So who won? Well. Out of 1,000 entries, we picked 100 winners at random. We blindfolded ourselves, spun 3 times in a circle and pointed at some names. Okay~ not really. But you get the point.

So…who gets a set of BUCKYCUBES? Check out the list!

Alena Vaye
Alex Matthews
Amy Grant
Amy Paul
Andrea Knutson
Andrew Gedge
Anna L. Huck
Anthony Spaulding
Barb Heltzel
Bart Pousson
Brian Murray
Brom de la Vega
Caleb Tom
Cara Nicole McSwain
Carter Nickel
Chloe Bouscary
Christopher Hunt
Christopher Plummer
Cole Doyle
Cole Huber
Dan Imal
Danielle Barr
Dave Edens
Dave Maeso
Deborah Rench Lema
Debra Niedermiller Chaffins
Dylan Robinson
Elizabeth Guest
Esteemed Comrade
Evan Rowland
Gordon Yu
Hal Lewis
Ian Drake
Jake Whitley
James Williams
Janice Day
Jayden Rebchuck
Jeanne Davis
Jeff Morehouse
Jessica Raboud
Jian Xu
John A Vonesh
John Gardner
Jonathan Ma
Jose Madelano Calvo
Joseph Amelio
Juliet Nace
Julio Pezzat
Kara Elizabeth Smith
Katherine Joyce Archibald
Kat Gemson
Kate Burnett
Kevin O’Brien
Kio Hamill
Kolby Rottero
Kurt Winkler
Lara Lynn
LInda Lanson
Marina Kravchuck
Matthew Girdlestone
Matthew Nelson
Melanie Trenary
Melissa Brown
Mike Betts
Mike Klauss
Mike Travers
Nancy Ballinger Melton
Neal Howerton
Rebekah Walters
Renee Bezenah
Rhino Albino
Richard Gingrich
Rob Steer
Roberto Cruz
Rodney Stryker Jr.
Rory Jacobs
Rosaria Provenza
Rose Todd
Ross Calvin
Ross Walberry
Ryane Goetz
Sara Brooks
Scott Hawks
Sean Guderian
Shaena Cooper
Sharmin Ratansi-Panjvani
Sompopo Pepper
Sophia Korres-Savino
Steven Fischer
Sydney. E. Borlew
Teagan Lestar
Teresa Masken
Thomas Richards
Torben K. Sonderby
Travis Todd
Valery Goutorova
Victor Fitch
Will Meitzler
Zen McBride

And how do you go about cashing in your freebie?


~Winners who see their names posted on Facebook on Monday will email: cubes@getbuckyballs.com with the word “winner” in the subject line.

~Please include your full name in the body of the email. Winners will be emailed a unique one-time-only promo code on Tuesday afternoon to be used on www.getbuckyballs.com for a free set of Buckycubes.

PLEASE NOTE: This unique promo code will deduct the $24.95 from the total of a cart with a set of Buckycubes in it. Shipping costs must still be paid on orders of just one set of balls or cubes.

~Once you get your Buckycubes, post some pictures of your BUCKYCUBES creations! We want to see your best bendin’. Your fiercest foldin’. Your sickest slidin’ and…well, you get the point. Show us what you got!

Not a winner? Well you ARE in our eyes (and your mom’s, too). We want to thank you for “liking” Buckycubes. Just use the promo code “popandlock” at checkout to save 25% on your Buckycubes!

How fun is that?

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