• September 9, 2011


That’s right. The biggest thing to happen to magnets since, well…since Buckyballs!…is here. They’re fun…magnified…and magnetized. Solid, six-sided fun, to be exact. Slide ’em, glide ‘em, or stack ‘em to the ceiling fun. They’re BUCKYCUBES!

To celebrate the launch, we’re doing something so big, so incredible…we’ll need 3 days to complete the mission. WE’RE GIVING AWAY 100 SETS OF BUCKYCUBES.

Go ahead. Rub your eyes. Shake your head. But it’s still true. 100 SETS!

Here’s the lowdown:

1) ‘Like’ the Buckycubes Facebook page and then tell us what you’d make with your free set of Buckycubes on the Wall. You have until MIDNIGHT EST Sunday, 9-11-11, to post your would-be creation. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, please.

2) We’ll pick 100 winners at random, and post the names by Monday night. Yep~ no rhyme. No reason. Just 100 winners, picked out of a make-believe cyber hat.

3) Winners who see their names posted on Facebook on Monday will email: with the word “winner” in the subject line. Please include your full name in the body of the email. Winners will be emailed a unique one-time-only promo code to be used on for a free set of Buckycubes.
: This unique promo code will deduct the $24.95 from the total of a cart with a set of Buckycubes in it. Shipping costs must still be paid on orders of just one set of balls or cubes.

4) Now for the FUN PART. We really wanna see what you make. Once you get your Buckycubes, post some pictures of your BUCKYCUBES creations! We want to see your best bendin’. Your fiercest foldin’. Your sickest slidin’ and…well, you get the point. Show us what you got!

Are you quivering for CUBES yet? What are you waiting for? Ready, set…pop and lock!

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