UPDATE: PINK Haiku Contest Winners

  • August 22, 2011

Rose. Blush. Fuschia. A pink by any other name is just a pink. But PINK BUCKYBALLS? There’s nothing else like ‘em.

In their honor, we asked that you write a Haiku about it. An homage, if you will. (And you would. And you did!)

You wielded those words! You shaped them and molded them like they were a set of Buckyballs! The results were nothing short of amazing. We poured over the entries (and it took a while!) to find our winners. Meet your PINK BUCKYBALLS WINNERS!

Sean Younkin wins a set of PINK Buckyballs:

Polarity pulls
Permanent pellet produced
per pink’s persuasion.

Jenny Bishop Wod wins a set of PINK Buckyballs:

Miniscule cherries
Not for pies or sundae tops
Still a sweet sweet treat.

Ben Haseltine wins a set of PINK Buckyballs:

A gift for my wife
Buckyballs that are quite pink
Shall produce great smiles.

Thanks for all the amazing entries…we were blown away by your dedication and creative flow!

If your creation made it onto this page, CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve WON! Email your name and shipping info to: Support@GetBuckyballs.com, and we’ll get your PINK Buckyballs out to you! As always, keep an eye out for your next chance to win. There’s more on the way. You never know what we’ll come up with next!



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