CONTEST: Write a HAIKU for PINK Buckyballs!

  • August 16, 2011

The Panther. The Berry. Those sweatpants with the word itself plastered all over them. Hey, we get it. Everything’s better in PINK. Especially when Buckyballs are involved!

So. Think you have what it takes to win a PINK set of Buckyballs?

We’re tapping your writing skills this week and asking for a HAIKU that’s all about pink. And Buckyballs. Not sure what a Haiku is? It’s a little 3 line poem, made of 5 sylllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables again. We’re including a little inspiration to help you get started:



Pink And Fresh And Fun.
Balls To The Walls… and then some.
Bucky did this right!

Step 1-THREE lucky people will win a set of PINK Buckyballs for entering their Haiku. We don’t have any criteria for judging poetry, really. It all comes down to what tickles us…pink.

Step 2- Post your creation to the wall of our Facebook page ( by 11:59 pm EST August 21st and you’ll automatically be entered to WIN a set of PINK Buckyballs!

Step 3 -Just come back to our blog or Facebook page page Monday to see if you’ve won.

NOTE: We’re picking THREE lucky winners this week!

Now for the fine print:

~You can write as many Haikus as you want. Please though~ no repeats.

~We love creativity in all its forms. No dissing your fellow contestents! That’s no fun. And Buckyballs are all about FUN.




Winning a set of Pink Buckyballs for waxing poetic about them…how fun is that?

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