CONTEST: Show Us Your Balls in Action!

  • July 1, 2011

Fun and the Fourth of July weekend. They go together like hotdogs and hamburgers, sun and sand, and BBQin’ with BUCKY!

Yep! You guessed it…it’s contest time again.

We want to see your balls in action! And we want to see some of that great-American-can-do-spirit in your entries this week. In short, make like your forefathers and create something great. Something memorable. Something that involves Bucky doing something festive and patriotic this weekend!

Step 1-Take a picture of Bucky at a July 4th event this weekend. (Er…nothing that involves fireworks, though.) Even better? Send us a pic of you or your friends with Bucky at a BBQ! Picnics, parades…we don’t have a preference. Just make it FUN.

Step 2- Post your creation to the wall of our Facebook page ( by 11:59 EST Monday July 4th and you’ll automatically be entered to WIN a 3 Pack of Red, Silver and Blue Buckyballs!

Step 3 -Just come back to our blog or Facebook page page Tuesday to see if you’ve won. How fun is that?


NOTE: We’re picking 4 winners in total (for the 4th of July. Get it?).

Now for the fine print:

-Pictures must not have previously been posted to our Facebook page to qualify.
- Each picture is considered a new entry. Please though, no repeated pictures.
-Winner selection will be totally random. One member of the Buckyballs team will determine who wins based strictly on their own set of super-duper top secret criteria that makes sense only to them. Ready? Set? Go!

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