Update: Show Us Your Balls in Action WINNERS!

  • May 31, 2011

With the kickoff to summer this weekend, we thought our latest contest should show Buckyballs in action. Baseball? Beach? BBQ? Didn’t matter what they did…just that they did it. Kudos if they got sweaty while doing it!

We said we’d reward 3 winners this weekend. But here’s what we’re thinking: a bonus weekend day deserves a bonus winner. So we chose 4! Want to see if your balls got award-winning action this weekend? Check out the winners!

Brock Barnes wins a set of Buckyballs!

Just grillin’. Really wouldn’t be Memorial Day weekend without a little BBQ!

Crystal Bateman-Audet wins a set of Buckyballs!

Climbing the Buckyball Mountain. Must be in buckin’ good shape!

Coleman Timothy Jones wins a set of Buckyballs!

A Little Privacy Please. We think Coleman said it best… “You did say show your balls getting some action, didn’t you?” We sure did.

Angel Modica Baty wins a set of Buckyballs!

Hummingbird. And flower. And it wins.

Way to show us your balls in action! Thanks to everyone who participated. If you’re listed as a winner, congrats! Please email us your name and mailing address to: support@getbuckyballs.com. We’ll send your set of Original Buckyballs asap.

Don’t forget to check back for our next contest and creative ways to win We’re always coming up with new ways to give them away. How fun is that?

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