UPDATE: Bring Bucky to Life Winners!

  • April 11, 2011

Our latest contest found us channeling Dr. Frankenstein: what better way to earn a set of Buckyballs than to bring Bucky to life?


We’ve always thought Bucky had a great social life…but thanks to these awesome entries, we also found out he’s an adrenalin junky, a star athlete, likes long walks on a quiet beach (wonder what else his dating profile says?) and who knows what else behind closed doors.

We asked Reid, our newest addition to Team Buckyballs, to pick our winners. After much deliberation, he found he was overly-inspired, and selected 4 winners (originally 2!) and 2 runners up. Check ‘em out!

Winner: Stranded by Brian Sippel

Reid said: “Calling in an SOS? To be honest, Stranded Bucky doesn’t look like he has it too bad on this deserted island with a beautiful palm tree as refuge from the blazing hot sun.”

Winner: A Bucky Leprechaun Sits Down for a Picture by Joshua Herndon

Reid said: “This Bucky Leprechaun (by far the most appropriate usage of our Limited Edition Green Buckyballs) really leaves me wishing we could do March 17th all over again! Joshua, I guess you have the Luck of the Irish on your side because you are one of our winners!”

Winner: Biker Bucky by Elizabeth Piearcy

Reid said: “Biker Bucky better be careful the Bucky Police don’t stop him from cruising the streets without a helmet, especially given its crouched position~looks like this is one Bucky in need of speed!”

Winner: Bucky Baseball by Roberta Poling

Reid said: “With baseball season now under way, Baseball Bucky looks ready to take the field and make an immediate impact. Judging from its wide frame, my guess is this Bucky batter cleans up.”

And thanks to our Honorable Mentions…

Bucky Ninja Stealth Attack by Matthew Phillip Hansen


Reid said: “This is one Bucky I would not want to mess with. Really great design and use of Buckyballs here!”

Bucky Gone Wild by Zach Pitts


Reid said: “This gets honorable mention instead of a win only because we can’t see what happens under the pixilation… we think we know, but we can’t be sure !”


Amazing entries! Thanks to all of you for participating. Watching Bucky come to life was fun. Which is how it should be. Because let’s face it. Buckyballs are all about fun.

If your creation made it onto this page, you just won yourself a free set! Email your name and shipping info to: Support@GetBuckyballs.com, and we’ll get your prizes out to you! As always, keep an eye out for your next chance to win. There’s more on the way. How fun is that?



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