MEET: Buckyballs Service Squad

  • April 20, 2011



Chipping Balls, Lost Orders, Crunched Carrying Cases? We’ve heard it all. Though not nearly as much as you ‘d think.

When we do hear it, though, we fix it. Why? Because we love great customer service. We love giving it. It’s the Bucky way. By our estimation, every time we fix a problem, we make someone’s day and, well, how fun is that?



“My Buckyballs have a chip on their shoulder…”

Buckyballs chipping? Flaking? With millions of sets sold, we’ve heard it… though fewer times than you’d think (only a handful really). Every time we do though our answer is pretty much the same: ‘No problem! We’re going to get things back on track ASAP.’

My Buckyballs have gone rogue…”

Buckyballs lost? What a bummer. Customer service has what you need though. Drop us a line and we’ll point you in the right direction.

“My Buckyballs just aren’t attracted to each other anymore…”

( It’s not you. It’s them. We swear.)

Buckyballs losing their magnetic personalities? That’s nearly impossible. Fixing impossible problems is one of our favorite things though – well that, and finding ultra-rare weirdness like this so we can send it to our lab for investigation and ultimately our Quality Assurance team to make sure it never happens again. Ultimately, things like this make Buckyballs an even better product. By all means, let us know.


Our Service Team is here for you, and we want to help. No matter what the issue, we’re going to work on making it right for you. If you need us, drop us an email at:

Now it’s our turn to ask the questions:  Do you have a Buckyballs service story?

Shout it out! Let us know what your problem was, and how we fixed it (or didn’t) for you. Consider this us asking ‘How’s our driving?’ and we want to know the truth. Please let us know in the comments below. Even if we missed the mark. It’s the only way we’ll learn. Thanks!

Kim Dorsey
Thursday, 4.21.11 @ 3:43 pm
My balls weren't sticking together as well as they used to, and customer service fixed the problem immediately. They sent me a new set! You rock! I started a new job in February, and put have these on my desk at work. What a great icebreaker! People would walk by and stop saying, "Hey, what's that?" They'd stop and play with them for a bit, and I'd get to know them. I think I could have made a lot of money if I were a distributor, EVERYONE wants a set for themselves! Thanks again for a great product and great service. :)
Thursday, 4.21.11 @ 3:58 pm
Good thing you clarified that those pictured do not represent actual Customer Service Members. I was beginning to think that lady held many many customer service jobs with multiple companies to support her BuckyBall addiction that will only end in the creation of such a masterful design of magnetic fields that it will open up a wormhole giving her sole access to alien technology thus allowing her to begin her conquest of dominating mankind. Otherwise, we would have all assumed Buckyballs was a cheap company that just bought whatever headset was on sale at the time so that each employee had a different set and some employee could potentially be beat up in the parking lot one day after some envious co-worker finally had enough of their crappy headset and wanted that fancy one that lucky NEW hire got and he has been there 5 years... NOT FAIR. Good thing you clarified.
Thursday, 4.21.11 @ 4:09 pm
My order got lost - TWICE - shipping to my house. Each time they were quick and courteous in reshipping it (at no cost to me). It turns out I'd left my APT number off the original order. I was very happy with how it all worked out.
Mike G
Thursday, 4.21.11 @ 4:12 pm
I forgot to use a promo code on my order. I called their number a few minutes after the order went through and it was really easy - they just asked what promo code I meant to use and got me fixed right up. Very happy customer here.
Anthony Y
Thursday, 4.21.11 @ 4:52 pm
Thank god, for buckyballs! they give me something to do while I'm on the phone... I've had quite a few chip on me, are there replacements? I was thinking of getting a set for my father and I was wondering if there is a larger set diameter wise... For one thing he has larger hands, and two, he can't see as well as he used to, and I'm afraid he might lose track of them.. I was thinking he could use them to keep dexterity in his hands. I had another idea. Holiday themed sets. My set is Green (for St. Patty's day) but why not a Red set for Valentine's day? or a blue/Red set for the 4th of july? halloween, Christmas, etc...
Friday, 8.3.12 @ 5:17 pm
I have lost a (singular) Buckyball. It is driving me crazy.

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