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  • February 3, 2011

Buckyballs Reviews

Looking for a review of Buckyballs before buying? One of our favorite spots to check-out is Facebook and Twitter… with thousands of Buckyballs owners talking about their favorite desktoy, you know you can trust their opinion.

Still, sometimes you’d rather read a review from a bona fide expert.  Never you fear, we’ve scoured the newsstand, Internet and beyond, to compile the ultimate list of Buckyballs reviews just for you.

  • Esquire Magazine proclaimed: “They’re like a Rubik’s cube that doesn’t make you feel like an idiot.”
  • Swiss-Miss wrote: “What can I say other than ‘Totally Addictive’.”
  • RollingStone Magazine said: “Toy Of The Year!” (Sadly, this quote only appeared in their print edition.)
  • Trendhunter titled their review: “Buckyballs are the new Snuggie!”
  • Maxim Magazine described Buckyballs as: “Modern Art.”
  • Boing-Boing explained: “For the last few days my daughters and I have been playing with them during meals and in front of the TV. They’re addictive.”
  • WIRED Magazine has featured Buckyballs many times and in many ways, but notes: “One thing they’re not good for, however, is getting your work done”
  • Josh Spear wrote: “The Rubik’s Cube, the Hula Hoop … sure they’re fun, but they’re not exactly versatile. Our friends at Zoomdoggle may just have this decade’s answer to those influential fads with Buckyballs.”
  • Entertainment Weekly points out: “”Payment for addiction therapy not included.”
  • Geekologie, in place of a review, wrote over 1600 Haiku poems.
  • Real Simple Magazine states: “Much more satisfying than a stress ball” (Though again, only in print.)
  • Gizmodo introduced Buckyballs to the world like this:  “Powerful magnets that look like little round pellets. They stick together and can form basically any 3D object that you want. They are awesome.”
  • People Magazine simply said: “Addictive.”
  • URLesque got a bit wordier though: “When you think about it, BuckyBalls is your therapist, your art project, your accessories, and your workout.”

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